The localization tool of the future

Manage all your translations in a single unified platform. Integrate with any platform and make use of automation tools and machine translation like the pros. Save time and money with the perfect tool in your hand.

With free, cloud and on-premise plans.

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Machine Translation
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Cloud or On-premise

Take back full control of your data by running Texterify on your own. And if you don't feel like handling all the server stuff we are doing it for you.


We manage all the server stuff.
Lean back and enjoy.


Host it in your own infrastructure.
You are in full control.

Machine translation

Reach new markets with the click of a button

Did you know that around 40% of the world population speak one language and 43% speak two languages? And if they aren't speaking the language of your product you are losing customers.

Translating your content has never been easier with Texterify Machine Translation. A single click and you are done. It's like magic.

Texterify Machine Translation
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Work together as a team

Bring your team together. Developers, translators and managers in a single place to manage all your translation needs.

Product Managers

Manage your multilingual products and ensure a qualitative localization process.


Focus on developing new features and not on managing the localization process.


Coordinate your translations more effectively and check your progress on a glance.

Texterify Automation Features

Automate your translation process

Why do things manually if you can just automate them?

  • download new strings on build automatically
  • automatically translate new uploaded strings with machine translation

Never have untranslated or old translations in your releases again. Save your team time and money.

Tools & integrations

Seamless integration into your workflow

Automate your workflow and integrate with various platforms. Use the CLI to download your translations wherever you need them. It is just as easy as that.

$ texterify download
✔ Downloading translations...
✔ Extracting translations...

Successfully downloaded and extracted translations.
Supported platforms

Support for all the tools you use and love

We support a ton of file formats so you can manage all of them in one place. And if some file format isn't available we will add it for you for free.

Just send us a mail an we will get it done.

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